Nanny Training

At i9 Global Links, our Nanny Training Program is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive education and practical training to become skilled and knowledgeable nannies. Here are the key points about our program:

Child Development:

Our program includes courses that cover various aspects of child development. Nannies will learn about the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional milestones that children go through at different stages of their growth. Understanding child development helps nannies provide age-appropriate care and support.


Nannies play a vital role in ensuring the proper nutrition of the children they care for. That's why our program incorporates courses on nutrition, which educate nannies on healthy food choices, meal planning, and nutrition guidelines for different age groups. This knowledge enables nannies to provide balanced and nutritious meals for children.


The safety of children is of utmost importance. Our program offers comprehensive training on child safety practices, including creating safe environments, identifying potential hazards, and implementing appropriate safety measures both at home and outdoors. Nannies will also receive training in emergency preparedness and first aid to handle any unforeseen incidents effectively.

First Aid:

Nannies need to be equipped with essential first aid skills to address common injuries, accidents, or illnesses that may occur while caring for children. Our program includes training in basic first aid techniques, CPR, and other life-saving measures, ensuring that nannies can respond appropriately in emergencies.

Hands-On Training:

We believe in providing practical training to our nannies. Our program includes hands-on training in childcare techniques, where nannies can apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as diaper changing, feeding, bathing, and engaging children in age-appropriate activities.

Best Practices:

Our program focuses on imparting best practices in childcare. Our courses cover topics such as positive discipline techniques, effective communication with both parents and children, creating routines, and building positive relationships with families. Nannies will learn how to provide nurturing, supportive, and developmentally appropriate care.

By enrolling in our Nanny Training Program at i9 Global Links, individuals will receive a comprehensive education and hands-on training that prepares them to become skilled and competent nannies. Graduates of our program will be well-equipped to provide quality care, ensuring the well-being and optimal development of the children they care for.