English being an international Language, the importance of fluent spoken English has grown eminently. We help you to learn the basics, correct your spellings and grammar and improve your reading and pronunciation. Concentrating on building a sturdy foundation and grooming your overall personality, we make you feel BRIGHT.


It has almost become essential in today’s world to know and communicate in English for social, educational and professional purposes.

We have a few statistics to support the reason for this course:

  • Only 12.18% of Indians can speak in English and only 2% out of these are fluent in the language.
  • Around 47% of our graduates face rejection of job due to lack of English speaking skills.
  • Fluent speakers of English can earn 34% more than others.

So for a better career this course will help you:

  • Build Confidence with increased fluency.
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Be accomplished with broad knowledge of the language.
  • Develop listening skills