PTE is the leading computer-based test of English language for study abroad and immigration. Approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD.


COMPUTER BASED TEST: It is a fully computerized test which eliminates any sort of biasness arising due to the subjectivity of the examiner or assessor.

FLEXIBILITY OF TEST DATES: This test has an advantage of being greatly flexible in booking the test dates. You can book your test just 48 hours before the desired test date and select from your nearest authorized centre. This test can be taken for 363 days a year.

FREE FROM LONG TEXTS: PTE Academics focusses on the relevance of assessing the skills. It has short to medium texts that frees test takers from concentrating on long texts.

With a lesser wait time, the results for PTE are available within 5 working days. PTE is most suitable for those test takers who are in a hurry.

ASSESSES COMMUNICATIVE AND ENABLING SKILLS: This is the only test that not only assesses the communicative skills (like reading. Writing, listening and speaking) but also evaluates enabling skills (like grammar, vocabulary, fluency and pronunciation).


Computerized/Manual Test It is a fully computerized examination It is partially manual or paper based examination.
Test Dates You can book your test just 48 hours before the desired date. PTE Academic is conducted 363 days a year in 15 cities in India. You need to book your test rather early to the desired date. IELTS Academic is conducted on 48-pre fixed dates and IELTS General is conducted on 24 pre-fixed dates in a year.
Test Versions It has three test versions namely PTE Academic, PTE General and PTE Young Learner’s test. Academic for candidates seeking university admissions, General for those who need to join jobs abroad and Young Learner’s is for children seeking certification in realistic communication skills. IELTS has two versions, same as that of PTE namely IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training serving the same purpose as that of PTE.
Test Content & Structure Test structure of PTE (being Fully computerized) does not have human intervention, so even the speaking abilities are recorded in microphone and stored in a computerised system. Even for evaluating writing skills, PTE assesses candidates with innovative techniques. Test structure of IELTS has common modules like Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Speaking abilities are examined by an authorized examiner in live communication with the candidate. Even writing skills are
Results Results are available online within five working days. It has a computer automated scoring on a band of 10-90. Results are received in 13 days. The results are manual and scores are rewarded on a band of 0-9.
Test Duration All the four modules are assessed within 3 hours duration in one day. Listening, Reading and Writing is assessed in a day but Speaking is evaluated either before or after the test.



  • Time duration: 77-93 minutes
  • Speaking module Includes:
    1. Read Aloud
    2. Repeat sentence
    3. Describe Image
    4. Re-tell Lecture
    5. Answer Short Question
  • Writing Module includes:
    1. Summarize Written Text (within 75 words)
    2. Write Essay (for 200-300 words)
  • Purpose: This section of the test assesses the pronunciation, grammar and communication skills of the candidate.


  • Time Duration: 32-41 minutes
  • This section includes:
    1. Multiple Choice, choose single answer
    2. Multiple choice, choose multiple answer
    3. Re-order or re-arrange paragraph
    4. Fill in the Blanks
  • Purpose: This section aims to assess the comprehensive and knowledge of grammar in this section


  • Time Duration: 45-57 minutes
  • This section includes:
    1. Summarize Spoken text
    2. Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
    3. Fill in the blanks
    4. Highlight the correct summary
    5. Select missing word
    6. Highlight incorrect words
    7. Dictation
  • Purpose: this section is designed to evaluate the listening capabilities to know how well he understands the Speaker and the language.